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The Midwest Cleaning and Restoration Association (MCRA), is a non-profit professional association promoting the use of professional cleaning contractors by the general public, through marketing and public relation efforts. Although chartered and based in Wisconsin, the MCRA has opened membership in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa. The association does accept members from other state as well, but the seminars and several benefits are offered in those three states primarily.


MCRA’s mission is to promote and foster the mutual interests of its various membership groups, while also ensuring the delivery of the highest level of professional cleaning services to the public.

The Value of Trade Associations

It’s a common question: “why should we join your association?” With an abundance of activities and organizations trying to pull you in different directions amidst the already busy life of a business owner, leader, or manager, we get it! We want your investment, both in time and money, with the MCRA to be worth it – something you can’t live without. We want to bring value and unending benefits to our members, and have a variety of ways to make this happen.

We understand everyone’s motivations for joining a trade associations, like the MCRA, might be a little bit different based on the particular needs of your company, we also believe that is why associations like ours are so successful! Here are some ways members find value in trade organizations:


Where else will you get better information about trends and industry updates than among peers in your same industry? Membership with trade associations gives you access to any news happening that you need to know about – through websites, eNewsletters, email updates, and more. Staying on top of industry trends can help you get ahead in your business planning, marketing strategies, customer base, and more. Information could also come in the form of better access to certification and educational opportunities!

Exchanging Ideas

A membership community that varies in skillsets and expertise is an invaluable resource. The best trade associations bring in members struggling or excelling in many different areas of their business. This means a great opportunity to exchange ideas. Perhaps where you are struggling, another member is excelling and is happy to share what they know. That works in reverse, too! There are likely members of the association who could benefit greatly from your knowledge and expertise in areas where your business is thriving. Friendly relationships among fellow local businesses is a win for both businesses and customers alike.


This someone goes in line with exchanging ideas, and is perhaps one of the most obvious reasons people join associations. These groups are overflowing with opportunities to potential clients, partners, future employees, and experts in the industry. There are few other ways to bring together like-minded people within the same industry than through trade associations.

Position Yourself as an Expert/Thought Leader

If you are looking to elevate your status as a business professional and thought leader in your community and industry, trade associations are a great way to make that happen. Many organizations offer training and certification opportunities that are led by people within the association. Plus, over time, members can rise in the ranks of the organization to serve on the board of directors or as committee members.

Aside from building a solid reputation within the business community, association involvement also often piques the interest of current and future potential clients. By nature, customers feel more confident doing business with companies rooted in their communities and industries. This involvement shows a commitment to best practices, customer care, and so much more.

Have a Voice

Local, state, and federal regulations are always changing, as are industry best practices and standards! While finding a strong voice alone as a business owner is nearly impossible, being part of a trade association rooted firmly in your industry get pay off tenfold when it comes to influencing and understanding regulations, standards, and so on. Associations go to bat for their members when difficulty arises and have a much stronger influence as a community of successful, like-minded business professionals.

We would love to have you as a member of the MCRA! We are a non-profit professional association dedicated to encouraging the public to hire professional cleaning and restoration contractors. Our membership primarily encompasses businesses in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa.

Not an MCRA Member?

The MCRA is Welcoming new members from Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa.   The membership year is January 1 – December 31. For more membership information visit the Membership Benefits Page.

Download the membership brochure with application or apply online by clicking the link. 

Download MCRA Membership Brochure

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Membership dues are prorated throughout the year.  If you are preparing to submit your membership application and are not sure about the current dues rate, please call 844-531-8005.

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