Action Plan

The Board of Directors set a goal of recruiting enough members of different categories in order to provide a foundation upon which to build a truly representative organization for the general purposes described on the home page of our website.

Each Board member is committed to recruiting at least one new member every month.

Once a critical mass of membership is reached, a convention will be scheduled to nominate and elect a new board of directors, approve updated by-laws and adopt a new code of ethics.

Planning for this convention will include educational content for cleaning and restoration contractors to make participation worthwhile on several levels.

In the meantime new members are encouraged to help set an interim agenda to provide ongoing benefits even while planning for the "re-launch" convention is underway.

A convention will be called when the organization has met the following benchmarks:

  • 1.      100 "Group Member" (cleaning, maintenance, mitigation or restoration firms) –  at least 20 of which are primarily involved in cleaning and maintenance of the built environment, and 50 are primarily involved in loss mitigation, recovery, restoration, and/or reconstruction. Of those, at least 50% (25) of them must be independents, not franchise offices.
  • 2.      20 "Associate Member" (supplier, specialty contractor, consultant) Firms primarily involved in providing goods and services to Group Member Firms related to inspection, cleaning, restoration, or certification training. Of those, no more than 30% can be material or equipment suppliers.
  • 3.      25 Individual Members – Individuals employed by others to deliver cleaning, restoration and inspection services. They can be employed by either member or non-member firms. If they are self-employed contractors, they must join as Group Member Firms.
  • 4.      An interim board of directors consisting of at least 12 members is empowered with all the officer positions (President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, Shareholder Representative) and committee chairs (Membership and Goodwill, Training, Certification and Standards, Public Relations) filled. Of the (minimum) 12 board members at least 4 must be from restoration companies, with at least 2 who are not affiliated with a franchise network, 2 must be from the cleaning and care industries, 1 must be from an associated business and 1 must be an employee of a member firm representing the interests of technicians, tradespeople, or specialists. At least 1 board member must be from each of the 4 corners (NW, NE, SW, or SE) of Wisconsin and at least 2 from other states represented by the MCRP (Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota). 
  • 5.      The interim board has adopted an operating budget for 2022, the organization and board are properly insured for liability, all current annual filings are up to date, and the organization has at least $30,000 in cash reserves.
  • 6. Up-to-date on all legal, financial and risk-management requirements including a budget for the current and following year and $30,000 in cash reserves.

Midwest Cleaning and Restoration Professionals

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