Purpose of the MCRP

To promote and foster the mutual interests of its members represented in the MCRA with due regard to the interests of the property and casualty insurance industry, the consumer, the employees, and in strict compliance with all local, State and Federal laws.

To Promote a sentiment of friendliness among members by providing the means for a cordial exchange of views, experiences and problem-solving.

To eradicate the evils of unfair practice and misrepresentation.

To establish systematic business methods so far as practicable and legal.

To collect and disseminate statistical and physical information in all matters which will aid in placing the industry upon a stable and scientific foundation.

To advise members as to all subjects of vital interest and concern to them.

To conduct public relation programs to inform the consumer, allied industries and other related industries as to the value of the services rendered by members of the MCRA and the industries it represents.

To perform such other activities and services as the members of the MCRA and/or its officers shall determine.

Midwest Cleaning and Restoration Professionals

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