What does the MCRA offer?

The Midwest Cleaning and Restoration Association has a lot to offer! In addition to excellent networking opportunities among cleaning and restoration industry professionals, the MCRA has poised itself to be an advocate for its members and clients through its commitment to support high-quality restoration and cleaning services.

In addition to quarterly membership meetings that draw in members from several states, the MCRA offers several IICRC-certified courses throughout the year. 

Plus, our website offers a full member directory that includes contact and website information, through which consumers can link directly to MCRA members for services. This directory is consistently updated, and is a proved, trusted resource for consumers. 

How will being a MCRA member improve myself, my team, or make my company better?

Joining an association is great on so many levels, for your business, your team, and your customers! Here are five reasons we highly recommend joining the MCRA:

Expand your network with like-minded professionals. 

Being an MCRA member automatically connects you with hundreds of people who do the same work as you every day! This is a friendly environment where even competitors can learn from each other and share ideas. If you’re experiencing some frustrations in your company, it’s a safe space to share those and get some feedback from others who have probably been there already, or are facing the exact same hurdles right now. Plus, it always feels good to be part of something bigger than yourself – the MCRA is about community.

Professional development opportunities.

The MCRA isn’t just about networking! We host and offer educational classes, and can also connect you with other courses in our area – thanks to our large network of contractors who also offer training! 

Boost your reputation.

Customers like to know companies they’re using are reputable, honest, and backed up by organizations they already trust. This is why many companies post stickers stating they are members of the Better Business Bureau, local Chamber of Commerce, and so on. Boasting your MCRA membership can also boost your reputation! Once you’re a member, think about not only adding a sticker to your window – but also adding a link on your website to mcraonline.org! This will show your dedication to being involved and shaping best practices in your industry.

Find (or be!) a mentor.

This is an interesting era for many restoration and cleaning companies where the Baby Boomer and owners and turning over more of the reins to eager Millennials. The MCRA has members of all ages, many who have been in the industry for decades – and others who are just getting their start, but eager to learn from veterans in restoration and cleaning. This is the perfect opportunity to nurture and mentor the next generation of owners, or to find a mentor simply through establishing friendships and professional relationships within the MCRA.

Stay on top of industry trends.

When we focus too much within our business, it can be tricky to stay on top of industry trends! One of the roles of associations like the MCRA is to help its members stay on top of industry trends! This includes educational opportunities with speakers who can share insightful information, as well as fostering communication between members.

How do I become a member?

Joining the MCRA is as easy as a few clicks, and we have several membership options from which to choose! Simply visit our “Join Us” page, and click the option that makes the most sense for you and your company!

Once you’re a member, be ready to join the fun and professionalism of one of the greatest regional associations in cleaning and restoration! We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Midwest Cleaning and Restoration Association

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