Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers is ordering the closure of all non-essential businesses starting Tuesday. The MCRA and IICRC are working at the State and Federal level to identify the essential services we provide. Until we have further clarification you may use the MCRA document if you find it useful. This document will be updated as soon as we receive clarification from the State.

April 9 Letter from the President


On March 17 Governor Evers issued his Emergency Order #5 “Prohibiting Mass Gatherings of 10 People or More”. Since then, the world has changed dramatically. 

The spread of Covid-19 in Wisconsin has been relatively limited compared to other states. County-by-county totals are updated daily at 2:00 pm on the Wisconsin Department of Health web site.  As of April 9 the State Department of Health is reporting 2,749 recognized cases and 99 fatalities.

 A good resource for the global picture is John Hopkin’s University’s Coronavirus Resource Center which is frequently referred to by the national news media. They’re reporting 1.5 million cases worldwide with nearly 1/3 of them being in the United States.

The Center for Disease Control continues to have the most authoritative and up-to-date information regarding virus prevention and control. The CDC reports just under 15,000 fatalities so far in the United States since the first recognized US case on January 12.

In addition to the health concerns, we are now also facing a severe economic crisis. We will share more information as we become aware of its utility. For now, we’re sharing a link to FAQs from the SBA and the Department of Treasury on the Paycheck Protection Program.  Please consult with your accountants and lawyers for more specific information regarding your rights and the procedures you need to receive.

Stay healthy. Protect your employees and the public. Work responsibly. You are an essential industry.

Jim Hirsch

Midwest Cleaning and Restoration Association

PO Box 14558 | Madison, WI  53708-0558

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